Hello Friends! We’re looking for people to host Will Johnson Living Room Shows in September in the cities listed below and in surrounding areas. If you are near any of these cities and are interested in hosting please read everything below and get in touch! Contact info at the end.

9/3 – Austin TX
9/4 – Ft Worth TX
9/5 – Little Rock AR / Fayetteville AR
9/6 – Memphis TN
9/7 – Oxford MS /Jackson MS
9/8 – Oxford MS /Jackson MS
9/9 – Alexandria LA or New Orleans LA
9/10 – Alexandria LA or New Orleans LA

Deadline for submission is August 3.
Tickets will go on sale August 6 @ 2pm (central time).

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your living room for about 3 hours, check names off the list at the door… in return you’ll get 5 additional free tickets for friends and our eternal gratitude.

Here’s how it works.

1. You have a house, loft, art gallery, or other space that can comfortably and safely host 35-50 people. Be realistic on how many people your place can hold. We need to know how many tickets we can sell in advance. We’ve found that 35-50 people is what the average living room can hold. There needs to be parking or public transportation nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. You probably shouldn’t do this if you live in a small apartment with a bunch of uptight neighbors or a cranky landlord. Sorry, we can’t do these shows outside.

* We love dogs! We really do! But energetic dogs (big and small) can be distracting during a quiet acoustic show. We’re not saying we can’t do the show at your place if you have a dog. But if your dog gets overly excited when a bunch of new people come over, it’s probably best if they stay with a friend or in another part of the house during the show.

2. Ticket price will be $15. Everyone must buy tickets in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be no reselling or third-party tickets sales. All tickets sales are direct to fans from Undertow. Limit 4 tickets per person. We want everyone to have the same chance of getting tickets.

3. We’ll provide the host with a list of everyone coming to the show. The host won’t have to deal with any money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive. We ask guests to arrive between 7:00-7:45pm. The shows usually starts at 8pm and we ask everyone to be out of your space by 10pm.

4. The host gets 5 additional free tickets for the show. If you have other friends beyond your 5 free who want to come to the show you should direct them buy tickets on-line.

5. Your home address will not be published on the web and will only be given to people who purchase tickets.

6. The shows will be promoted on our websites, Facebook and Twitter and word-of-mouth.

7. We’ll need your help to spread the word on your Facebook and Twitter too. We’ll create a Facebook event for each show so you can easily invite your friends (Thank you!). Remember, please don’t post the address. The address only goes to people after they buy tickets.

8. You don’t need any sort of sound system. All you need is a chair for Will to sit on and some kind of ambient lighting like a lamp on coffee table, floor lamp, or overhead lights with a dimmer.

9. There will be no opening acts on the living room shows.

After reading all of this, if interested please follow these steps:

You read everything above and it’s all cool?

1. send an email to will-johnson@undertowmusic.com with this info:
- a. Your address.
- b. A few photos of the space where the show will happen.
- c. Please put “Will Johnson Living Room Show” and the name of your city in the subject line.

2. Sit tight and we’ll get back to as soon as possible if we can book the show at your house.

Thanks for your help!

After we have the dates sorted out we will announce the shows and tickets will go on sale at undertowtickets.com.

Our friend Mike Marshall noticed a symmetry between the story arc of the recent career of his favorite athlete, Dirk Nowitzki, and one of our albums, Love You Just the Same. When he first mentioned the project we worried that he was headed down a rabbit hole of pattern recognition like the protagonist of Darren Aronofsky’s movie Pi. But darned if he didn’t pull it off. He made this video that kinda blows our minds and makes us sportscry. Do check it out:

Love You Just The Same from Mike Marshall on Vimeo.