December Tour Dates / Final run

September 21, 2014


Not a lot of bands have kept their original lineup intact over the course of eleven records and nearly two decades. When Centro-matic started, I didn’t have many expectations other than putting out Redo The Stacks, and maybe getting the band together to play some shows when schedules allowed. There was never a formal asking of anyone to be in the band or make it their full time dance partner.  We just did what was natural and enjoyable for us. We kept finding reasons to play shows, make records, then play more shows, then make more records. As time’s gone, I’ve hoped that Centro-matic’s history together has had something to do with a specific feeling when we play. I’ve hoped our collective connection over the years could somehow be heard through the the songs and the sounds. Whether that’s the case or not, I’ve always felt proud of our particular kind of racket.

Some pretty crucial forces have kept the four of us together for all this time. We’ve largely been fueled by a consistent drive to convene, share and create something new and inspiring to our ears each time out. Most of the time we’ve just had a good time hanging out. We’ve looked forward to it on just about every occasion I can remember and we’ve come to look after each other as family along the way. We’ve remained loyal to one another and I think that’s made us a better band, show by show, and tour by tour. In a lot of ways, we’ve become grown ups together.

We’ve encountered some successes I wouldn’t have imagined when we started, and like just about any band, we’ve run across some unforgettable setbacks. One thing we’ve fortunately avoided over the years is the presence of any notable drama. A couple of folks have even joked that the absence of drama in Centro-matic might contribute to the fact that our profile isn’t bigger; that a good deal of today’s consumer culture might feed off a little pot-stirring.  Never been for us to say.

I can write with no hint of drama that our December tour will be the last Centro-matic tour for the indefinite and foreseeable future. For a handful of reasons, the time finally feels right to celebrate the existence of this thing, then let it rest. I do think that the four of us will embark on some musical endeavor together again, but can’t say that it will be within the realm or tone of what Centro-matic has done.

What I do feel certain about is that this tour should be a gathering of friends, old and new, in some venues that have been kind and loyal to us over the years. There’ll be some guests here and there to help us ring things out properly. I don’t think we ever wanted Centro-matic to leave the room silently, or sadly, or hobbled. This time feels as good a note as ever to go out on and I feel safe in saying that Mark, Matt, Scott and I would like for this tour and for these shows to be a celebration of our work and time together.

One thing that has resonated with us increasingly since the start is the devotion, love and generosity within our community of fans.  We were never the most popular band on the block, but the kind of long-running support we’ve received has been something consistent and immeasurable. The climate of music has morphed into a pretty different thing since we started. Even as the times have changed around us, the connection with our fans has easily and always provided our biggest source of inspiration over this incredible journey.

It’s been the most important thing.

As always, maybe see you at the rock show.

Love, Will J.

December 2014 Tour Dates:

Dec 04           Nashville, TN            Mercy Lounge
Dec 05           Athens, GA                Georgia Theater #
Dec 06           Raleigh, NC              Kings Barcade *
Dec 07           Washington, DC       DC9 *
Dec 09           Philadelphia, PA      Boot & Saddle *
Dec 10           Brooklyn, NY             Rough Trade *
Dec 11           New York, NY            Mercury Lounge ^
Dec 12           Allston, MA               Great Scott ^
Dec 14           Buffalo, NY                 Sportmen’s Tavern &
Dec 16           Chicago, IL                 Schubas Tavern ~
Dec 17           St Louis, MO              Off Broadway ~
Dec 19           Austin, TX                  The Parish +
Dec 20           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf ~
Dec 21           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf @

# with Dead Confederate
* with Elephant Micah
^ with Anders Parker and Cloud Badge
& with Roger Bryan and the Orphans
~ with Telegraph Canyon
+ with Monahans
@ with Slobberbone

Will is headed out on a living room tour in September. No stage, no sound system. It’s just Will and a guitar, playing songs and telling stories. Each show is limited to 35-45 tickets.

Tickets on sale now : BUY HERE

9/3 : Austin TX – SOLD OUT
9/4 : Ft Worth TX – SOLD OUT
9/5 : Fayetteville AR
9/6 : Little Rock AR
9/7 : Jackson MS
9/8 : New Orleans LA
9/9 : Lafayette LA
9/10 : Alexandria LA
9/11: Austin TX

Please help us spread the word about these shows. Click here to join the Facebook event the show you’re attending and invite your friends.

Our friend Mike Marshall noticed a symmetry between the story arc of the recent career of his favorite athlete, Dirk Nowitzki, and one of our albums, Love You Just the Same. When he first mentioned the project we worried that he was headed down a rabbit hole of pattern recognition like the protagonist of Darren Aronofsky’s movie Pi. But darned if he didn’t pull it off. He made this video that kinda blows our minds and makes us sportscry. Do check it out:

Love You Just The Same from Mike Marshall on Vimeo.

Hey Everyone – just a heads up to let you know that both albums are now available at iTunes!!

Take Pride In Your Long Odds:

Redo The Stacks:

Hey Everyone -

Checking in as we get ready to start our tour tonight at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio TX (all tour dates below) and are counting down the days until our new album, Take Pride In Your Long Odds, is released on Tuesday June 3! Pre order here. Cant wait for you all to hear it, in fact you can stream it now thanks to our friends at Paste Magazine!!

The Onion AV Club also released our new video for Salty Disciple yesterday. Thanks to our friends the Galassi Brothers and Downstate Productions for making this incredible video!


Tour Dates:

Fri May 30 — San Antonio TX — Sams Burger Joint
Sat May 31— Austin TX — Mohawk
Tue Jun 03 — Austin TX — Waterloo In Store
Fri Jun 06 — St Louis MO — Twangfest
Sat Jun 07 — Chicago IL — Beat Kitchen
Sun Jun 08 — Madison WI — The Frequency
Mon Jun 09 — Minneapolis MN — Icehouse
Tue Jun 10 — Sioux Falls SD — Icon
Wed Jun 11 — Kansas City KS — Riot Room
Fri Jun 13 — Dallas TX — Good Records In Store
Sat Jun 14 — Dallas TX — Kessler

Thanks for all your support and hope to see you at an upcoming show!

Will, Scott, Matt & Mark

Our 11th album “Take Pride In Your Long Odds’will be released next Tuesday, June 3. Hear it now at


Spring is rolling onward and we’re viciously proud to announce the release of our 11th full length, Take Pride In Your Long Odds, available June 3rd.  We have a Pre-order for the album available through PledgeMusic. You can get the digital download, a diorama, some of Scott’s salsa or even a full blown, high decibel rock show at your house. Check out the pre-order HERE.

Track listing runs like this:

  1. Take Pride In Your Long Odds
  2. Every Mission
  3. Salty Disciple
  4. Cross Path
  5. Anything Torn Out
  6. Academy Of Lunkers
  7. Calling You Glad
  8. Cynthia Glass
  9. Hey There, Straps
  10. Relative Unto The Aces
  11. On The Ride Back
  12. Through The Fog, Then Down

We’ve announced some new Texas and Midwestern dates for June and plan to be on the road more a little later in 2014.  Here’s what’s confirmed at the moment:

  • May 30 – San Antonio, TX/Sam’s Burger Joint
  • May 31 – Austin, TX/Mohawk
  • June 6 – St. Louis, MO/TBA
  • June 7 – Chicago, IL/Beat Kitchen
  • June 8 – Madison, WI/The Frequency
  • June 9 – Minneapolis, MN/The Icehouse
  • June 10 – Sioux Falls, SD/Icon Lounge
  • June 14 – Dallas, TX/Kessler Theater

Our song Salty Disciple was unveiled by Paste last week, and a video for it, directed by Downstate Illinois’ pride and joy, The Galassi Brothers, will be coming along very soon.

Thanks as always.  Hopefully see you down the road.

-Will J.

We are thrilled to launch the pre-order for our new album TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR LONG ODDS!

Since this event is very special to us, as are you, we wanted to do something equally special with our pre-order for this album and we have teamed up with PledgeMusic to make this a little more unique where we can better connect with all of you. We are offering up some very exclusive merchandise and interactive experiences that we’ve never made available or done before. Hope you will join us and get involved!


We are pleased to announce that our new record Take Pride In Your Long Odds will be released on June 3rd 2014To coincide with the release of our 11th studio album and due to popular demand we will also be re-releasing Redo the Stacks as a limited edition double vinyl for the first time ever. Redo the Stacks will be available in stores and available online beginning April 22.  If you live in Texas there will also be a 30 copies available at BOTH Waterloo Records in Austin & Good Records in Dallas  this Saturday April 19 for Record Store Day!

Paste Magazine is premiering a track from Take Pride In Your Long Odds check out ‘Salty Disciple’ here:—salty-disciple.html

Pre-order and tour dates to be announced soon! 

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