It’s not yet April 1 and there’s already a sweet surplus of farmer tans roaming the neighborhood. It’s a noticeably early crop this year. There’s a kid with a thousand-yard stare that I see every once in a while out on the sidewalks. He’s never without a cigarette and a 44oz cup of something. Some have talked like he might be trouble, but then again, he might not be. Safe to say we both got to the farmer tan trough fast, and I feel really good about mine. Long winter by most everyone’s standards, so the energy is understandably steady. The new noises and smells and insects are a welcome ruckus. Even you, wasp.
I’ve been in some comforting bunker of a recording thing with my friends John Congleton and Ricky Ray Jackson (Phosphorescent, The Happen-Ins) recently, and the next LP sits about half way complete. I’ll head out on the road in a few days for some shows, breaking the new songs in and ironing the old ones out over the course of thirteen shows. This will be the only tour until Fall, once the record comes out, so stop down if you’re around these areas:

April 02 : Saint Louis MO
April 03 : Chicago IL
April 04 : Cincinnati OH
April 05 : Columbus OH
April 06 : Pittsburgh PA
April 07 : Buffalo NY
April 08 : Montpelier VT
April 09 : Gloucester MA (near Boston)
April 10 : Weehawken NJ (near NYC)
April 11 : Media PA (near Philadelphia)
April 13 : Falls Church VA (Near DC)
April 14 : Baltimore MD


I have a lot of of new baseball paintings stacked and ready for an opening at Yard Dog Gallery in Austin on Saturday evening, April 25. I suspect there will be more info as the time nears, but save the date if you look to be in or around Central Texas then.
Onward, and good springtime to all. -Will J.