Will Johnson + Anders Parker House Show Tour!

Will Johnson and Anders Parker will be playing in living rooms across the USA this spring. This will be a totally acoustic (no sound system) tour hosted by fans in their homes.

We need your help! We are looking for people to host shows on these dates in or near these cities.

Tue Mar 30 : Houston, TX
Wed Mar 31 : Baton Rouge, LA
Thu Apr 1 : Birmingham, AL
Fri Apr 2 : Nashville, TN
Sat Apr 3 : Atlanta, GA
Sun Apr 4 : Athens, GA
Mon Apr 5 : OFF
Tue Apr 6 : Brevard, NC
Wed Apr 7 : Chapel Hill, NC
Thu Apr 8 : Wash DC area
Fri Apr 9 : Philly, PA
Sat Apr 10 : NYC / Brooklyn
Sun Apr 11 : Boston, MA
Mon Apr 12 : OFF
Tue Apr 13 : Montpelier, VT
Wed Apr 14 : Burlington, VT
Thu Apr 15 : Buffalo, NY
Fri Apr 16 : Bloomington, IN
Sat Apr 17 : Chicago, IL
Sun Apr 18 : Madison, WI
Mon Apr 19 : OFF
Tue Apr 20 : Minneapolis
Wed Apr 21 : Saint Louis, MO
Thu Apr 22 : Springfield, MO
Fri Apr 23 : Denton, TX
Sat Apr 24 : Austin, TX

Please get in touch if you want to host a show. We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your living room for a couple of hours and in return you’ll get 5 free tickets for friends and our eternal gratitude.

Here’s how it works.

1. You have a house or loft space that can comfortably and safely host 35-40 people. A place with a big living room, finished basement or other indoor residential space would be ideal. There would need to be enough parking nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. You probably should not do this if you live in a small apartment with a bunch of uptight neighbors or a cranky landlord.

2. The shows will not be open to the public and no tickets will be sold at the door. We will pre-sell a set number of tickets for each show on our website before the show. Be realistic on how many people your place can hold. We need to know how many tickets we can sell in advance. Ticket prices will be $20.

3. We will provide you with a detailed list of everyone who will be coming to the show. This way the host won’t have to deal with money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive.

4. The host can have up to 5 free tickets for the show. If you have other friends who want to come to the show you can direct them to the link to buy tickets on-line.

5. The shows usually start at around 8pm. We’ll ask people to arrive around 7:30pm. It should be over by around 9:30pm. We’ll make it clear to everyone that they should be out of your house by 10pm.

7. You don’t need to provide any sort of sound system. All you need is a couple of chairs for Will and Anders to sit on while playing.

8. Your home address will not be published on the web and only given to those people who purchase tickets.

9. The shows will not be promoted or advertised anywhere except our websites.

10. After we agree on a date and location we’ll ask you to sign a simple performance agreement.

After reading all of this and you are interested please send an e-mail to: bob@undertowmusic.com and adam@undertowmusic.com

Please include a photo of the space where you would like to have the show and put “Johnson / Parker House Show” and the city where you live in the subject line of the e-mail.

We’ll review all requests. Once we have a routing figured out we’ll be in touch with people in the towns we are able to work into the schedule.

Thank you for your interest and support.