Candidate Waltz

Release date: June 21, 2011

Track Listing:
01. Against The Line
02. All The Talkers
03. Iso-Residue
04. Estimate x 3
05. Only In My Double Mind
06. Solid States
07. Shadow, Follow Me
08. Mercedes Blast
09. If They Talk You Down

First it’s what you think, then
Once you step away it’s gonna switch to
Somethin’ you can handle sittin’ down

Second are your suspects
Trapped in all the comfort of a fault line
Dressed in all their unforgiving lies
(Still giving lies)

You felt the city breathin’
Summer gonna take, take away that..
Vacancy you’re gonna leave behind

Sweatin’ out the facts and
Leavin’ all the blessing on paper
With wages that you put against the line
And it goes..
Down and down and down and down and down…


Dirty load.
They were forty minutes late, thirty minutes pushin’ through the double doors
They were raw.  It was unfamiliar.  For sure it was no place they’d ever been before
They were raw.  It was not like the night before.

There were kids.
There were cubicle jobbers, and of course the talk-talkers by the south wall bar
And there were deals.
There were girlfriend steals, and clinks with cocaine winks and mini-skirt appeal
Have you heard?!  Well, no I haven’t heard ’em.
No, I haven’t heard ’em, but I’ve heard the name
See, the way..
well, the way it came about was my roommate slipped me in and now I’m sailin’ free

But the band..
they were not like the ones before.
There was talk amongst the hips and cliques
As if it couldn’t be done
But they played until we had been won.
Until we had been won!
And they never thought twice.

It was not like the night before.


Well, now you got some pickin’ up to do
Your rescue in some Iso-Residue
But I’m keepin’ my own time
And I’m always keepin’ my own time

So you strut along through Matamoros nights
Then it’s down, down, down, down
To your own valley, cool?
But you’re scrapin’ your own rails
Yeah, you’re always scrapin’ your own rails

And I never got the letter back, no I never got the letter back

But you’re keepin’ your own time
You’re always keepin’ your own time
And I never got the letter back, no I never got the letter back


So you go
So you stay
In molasses, Hallmark ways
Slur it up
Slur it down
Just whatever gets you ’round
Estimate, estimate, estimate
You got your teeth
You got your fin
I can’t imagine all you’ve been

In a customary way
It’s what we have come to know
The minutes stretched between us tight
The way you tick on your bad nights

In a customary way
In a customary way
In a customary way

Gimme what you want..
Gimme what you want, but don’t tell me


Calculate the trouble lines
Only in my double mind
Foresee the history and then follow through
Where are you going friend?
Maybe to the chorus bend?
Or maybe to the fence that splits your heart and worried mind?

History, harmony, pullin’ back through time
Only in my troubled, double mind
The mystery, the clarity, all the things I find
Only in my troubled, double mind

Champion of quarantine!
Quarantine your demons, friend.
Respect ability, respect what is you
Iron out your trouble lines
Only in your double mind
Respect your history and love what is you

(repeat chorus)


Whenever her days go by at evenin’ rates
Keepin’ it overdrive, just too late
With a posture-crooked way
Slunk to lower-latitude place
Somethin’ new to try
Just couldn’t wait

Unsteady and un-decide.  Shaky, shake
Movin’ things over, out, to stranger days
In her television way
Wrapped in silent, syrup haze
Somethin’ new to try
Just couldn’t wait

Livin’ in solid states
For real


Walkin’ through the narrows just a searchin’ for a livin’
Shadow, follow me
Knowin’ that it’s fun(ner) just to hide where you can see
I’m certain there’s a comfort in the love that you’re a givin’
Comfort I can see
Hopin’ there’s a future and a number for you and me

But you been walkin’ strong
Livin’ in your quiet way too long

So I sent ya’ to the lobby just a searchin’ on a mission
Summer, let us breathe
The river nights brought a certain kind of clarity
Awaitin’ your arrival as the twilight was a’ leavin;
Shadow, follow me
Livin’ out, hopin’ for tomorrow
Wait and see


Any given time the ghosts and prophets might align, don’t try to bother.
And any given line that’s sold as bait for lazy buys, don’t try to follow.
’cause now, now that it’s everything
Now that you burned through your tracks, you found it hollow
Any solemn fine that’s levied on the ones who try
The ones you found now, ones you found now

Signify originals, the ghosts that rise up from your past
Fortify and take it out, solemn, defiant, your Mercedes Blast
But don’t ya’ find the loneliness rarin’ on up from the black?
Now, now, custodian to paranoid’s helping decode the consummate facts
So while you’re stayin’ low, the Persecution Monster slows to look you down now
Until you come to find the blocks and static in your mind, cripple down now

Sweetheart, it eats you.


I been savin’ viscous lines for this time
This time
Put a rupture in a soul defined once fine
Once fine

So they talk you down to lower rungs, and you run
You run
But you gotta hearten, overcome
It’s time
It’s time